524 votes

Public Voting

I would love to have the option for public voting!!!

129 votes

Submit comments on ideas

Allow discussion around the ideas.

98 votes

This is awesome!

I can’t wait to start using this! Way to go Nick!

76 votes

Public idea submission

I would love public idea submit

69 votes

Idea Categories for Use on Different Pages

We have several products and are interested in implementing a separate Idea Factory page for each product.

Idea Categories with associated shortcodes for use in individual pages is something we’d be interested in seeing.

Anyone else here agree?

65 votes

Make it faster

Users don’t want to wait around for 30 seconds until their post shows up…

42 votes

I’ll give you 1M$!

Just ‘plus’ this post and I’ll write the check

33 votes

More animated gifs

Especially those 8mb beasties that crash ipads like it ain’t no thing

27 votes

Sorting Option

It would be great if there were at least two sorting options: most voted, and recent. That way new ideas will have a chance to be seen, especially if there are plenty of them.

23 votes

Everyone should be happy

Let’s see how many people are against this idea…

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